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Student Membership


Sign up today for our Student Membership program! Your support will provide crucial funding for our activities, events and programs. Make an impact while pursuing your goals.

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Family Membership


One plan for the entire family. Your support allows each member of your household to have a part in making a difference - paving the way for life changing improvements for other families.

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Individual Membership


As a member of the Joselyn Foundation, you are part of our community, with direct impact on helping in Education, Health, and Mental Health Programs. The monthly contribution is modest, but the impact is immeasurable, and we thank you.

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New Graduates


Congratulations on completing your education and embarking on your career!  Don’t stop the good fight now — your support is a great way to stay involved in important causes as you explore and develop your career journey.

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Corporate Membership

Partner With Us.

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Small to Mid-sized Businesses

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Medium/Large Businesses

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